Dear Advertisers


    Boldwater TV has provided fantastic exposure for my clients Off Lease Only, Blackwater Boats, Deep Impact Custom Boats & Boats Direct USA. The statewide exposure is epic and very cost effective. My clients love getting TV exposure & a good frequency to such a loyal crowd. Those that love Flanigan's Seafood Bar & Grill frequent Flanigan's, so it's an excellent way to capture them so they can see what your business has to offer. 


    I also must say that Gary is an absolute pleasure to work with. He bends over backwards to accommodate my client's needs and I very much appreciate that type of dedication to customer service. I highly recommend working with Gary & his team if you are looking to get exposure for your business and reach a massive statewide audience. 



Monique Hausheer - Unique Monique Media

Dear  Restaurant Owner,


    We have been showing Boldwater TV for years. In South Florida, people love the ocean lifestyle. That’s what draws them here. Boldwater TV covers Florida water sports in a very exciting and engaging manner. It’s like watching a new and different highlight reel every week. Its a real cool channel that our customers like to watch. It helps my business to keep them entertained when big sporting events are not airing, which is a majority of the time.


    Plus, the crew at Boldwater does a great job of making Boldwater TV look affiliated with Flanigan’s. It is like having our own in store promotional channel. We use it to promote menu items, new items, specials, events… we even show pictures of our customers and employees. Out St patty’s day party pictures are always a big hit. Having eye catching exciting water sports content running along with our content has drawn a lot of attention.


    We typically show Boldwater TV on one TV per customer viewing area most of the time. It is an excellent fit for our business and has helped to enhance our in-store customer experience and brand. We recommend Boldwater TV to any restaurant/bar owner considering it. It has been a great experience for us.



Jimmy Flanigan

CEO and President

Flanigans Enterprises,Inc.

5059 N.E. 18th Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33334