You have satellite and cable TV… So, why not have your own branded TV


As a restaurant owner, you want your customers having fun, in a good mood…hanging out longer and spending money. We have heard customers call BWTV many things, but perhaps “mesmerizing” is the best and most appropriate term we hear.


BoldWaterTV produces and airs a new and different two hour TV program every week that shows exciting Deep Sea Fishing, Surfing, Underwater video

footage and more. Even people who do not regularly participate in water sports like to watch it. We like to call it, “The Fish Tank Effect.” Everyone loves to look at fish, even if they have never snorkeled! 


Al of us BoldWaterTV, would like to welcome you aboard our exciting Network. Check out our restaurant testimonials and try it… you’ll like it. GET BOLDWATER TV!! (see Jimmy Flanigans testimonial)













   Package includes:

• Direct on-line access/password to create/edit unlimited bottom                messaging/RSS feed.

• Design of bottom message layout with venue logo (see above photo)

• Weekly water sports programming to keep your customers entertained

• Two (2) in-house promotional 30second ad spots playing every hour

• One (1) 20sec. in-house promotional sidebar ad design

• Continuous exposure on BWTV social media network and website.