AD Design Specification

Ad Still Image Specification

Dimensions - 1280 pixels wide  x 720 pixels tall

Resolution -  72 DPI

File Format - High Quality JPG

Ad Video/Animated Specification

Dimensions - 1280 pixels wide  x 720 pixels tall

Kind -  MPEG-4

Codecs - H.264, AAC

Color profile - HD (1-1-1)

Duration - 30 seconds

File Delivery Methods
Email files under 8mb to
Larger files to

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when producing the art for your ad. Please consider the following guidelines.

             Time is of the essence.  With all advertising you have a brief but golden opportunity to grab the viewers attention.

​             Keep it simple. Stay with one idea. Limit that expression to three visual elements.

             A picture is worth a thousand words. Use an image to draw the viewer's eye. It almost always works better than text.

             Bold is beautiful. Your ad is sharing display space with dynamic editorial content. Use text with bold fonts and plenty of contrast between copy and the background.

             This isn't cable TV. Viewers are not at home, they're in a public venue. They see your ad anywhere from 3 to 40 feet away. Utilize all the guidelines mentioned above so everybody gets the message.